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July 23rd 2006 A.D. - 16th Sunday in Ordinary time  MK 6/30-346/1-15
Catholic Homilies
July 23rd 2006 A.D.

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16th Sunday in Ordinary time MK 6/30-346/1-15


  The liturgy interrupts the smooth flow of Mark’s dynamic text to interject a very different kind of literary form in John’s story of the multiplication of loaves and fishes with its theological and mystical overtones. A good deal of ink has been spilt trying to account for this “miracle.” Jesus certainly did things which his contemporaries thought were miracles. We miss the point of his life and work when we try to present him without miracles, though they were “signs,” not proofs as they are often made out to be today. In this particular case, however, we miss the point even more if we read the Gospel as a miracle story. In fact, it is Eucharistic, interpreted in this context early in the history of the Church when the eucharistic liturgy in its primitive form was already part of the life of the Church, a meal that replicated in some fashion the death of Jesus, worshipped God, and drew the community together with one another and with God,

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  Once upon a time a crowd of young people (in this day and age folks under thirty five) poured out of the five o’clock Saturday afternoon mass and  promptly engaged in a fierce argument, the kind that one hears sometimes between Cubs fans and Sox fans. They were members of a young adult group who went around doing good things. They were admirable, dedicated, and enthusiastic men and women of whom the pastor said they were a credit to the parish – all the time keeping his   fingers cross for fear that they might take the parish away from him. They were arguing about their Sunday morning project. Normally they tutored inner city high school students who were preparing for college boards. However, there was also an environmental demonstration that day. The more liberal young people insisted that the environmental protest was more important. The more conservative young people said that they had a solemn obligation to help the minority students make it into college. Neither side would budge an inch. So right there in front of Church after the liturgy they all lost their tempers. The team broke into two groups. Both sides insisted they would never work with the other again. They departed very angry. The young priest who heard the argument shook his head in dismay I don’t think either side understand what the liturgy means.

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The young priest who heard the argument shook his head in dismay I don’t think either side understand what the liturgy means
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