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July 16th 2006 A.D. - 15th Sunday in Ordinary   Mk 6/7-13
Catholic Homilies
July 16th 2006 A.D.

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15th Sunday in Ordinary Mk 6/7-13
July Homilies: 2nd | 9th | 16th | 23rd | 30th


  It can hardly be said that your typical up-to-date parish travels light. It has voice mail and a computer web page and seventy or so organizations and several committee meetings and a full parking lot every night and big athletic and drama programs and a large lay staff and a budget that runs to six or even seven figures every year. It’s not exactly the sort of community you could pick up and move across the country at a moment’s notice. None of this is necessarily bad. However today’s liturgy reminds us once again that we must not permit ourselves to become so deeply involved with out means as to forget our ends. Which are  . . .?

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  Once upon a time a family was packing their huge and dangerous SUV for a two week vacation. There were two parents, two big kids, two smaller kids and one gorgeous little five month old baby girl who gurgled and smiled at everyone. There were a lot of things to pack into the SUV – the beach toys for the small kids (which would have filled an ordinary car) the sports equipment for the big boy who could go on vacation unless he was prepared for basketball, baseball, football and soccer, and clothes for the older girl and the mom who could only travel with enough clothes so they would be ready for a week of formal dinners and dances. As they piled stuff into the SUV the mother gave the baby in her car seat to the big girl who put her on the lawn next to the van. Well, eventually the SUV was loaded and there was just enough room for the family to climb in. They’d gone two miles when the mother counted noses and came up one short, one tiny baby nose. I won’t recount th fights as they raced back to find the baby. They pulled into the driveway and found the baby’s car seat EMPTY! They were about to call the police when two teen age girls from the house next door appeared with the baby who was grinning and smiling and gurgling happily. “We saw her out there in her car seat and figured we’d take care of her till you came back.” They made room for the car seat in all the other mess. The baby smiled contentedly and promptly went to sleep. It was a quiet ride to the lake.

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July Homilies: 2nd | 9th | 16th | 23rd | 30th
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They made room for the car seat in all the other mess. The baby smiled contentedly and promptly went to sleep. It was a quiet ride to the lake

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