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January 1st 2004 - Solemnity of Mary
Catholic Homilies
January 1st 2004 A.D.

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Solemnity of Mary

Octave of Christmas    Luke 2:16-21

  The shepherds hear of an unusual birth and hurry to the site, eager to see this wonder.  And they find a humble woman and man and a special baby. While they are honoring the infant, his Mother “ponders” what she hears. We find ourselves wondering what she might have thought as she pondered. Was her joy at the birth of her first-born at all tinged with anxiety as she “reflected on these things in her heart?”   On his name day did she have any idea of what was to come?  How often do we “ponder” what the meaning of this holiday season is for us? What does it mean that we profess a belief in this divine child?

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  Once upon a time, not so very long ago, a young mother-to-be had an ultrasound that was inconclusive. The baby's position made it difficult for the doctor to read the results. It was recommended that they have a follow up in a few weeks when it would still be possible to terminate the pregnancy. The husband and wife pondered this and decided to forego the follow up. This was their baby and no matter what would happen they would love it. Needless to say there were many anxious moments for them for the remainder of the pregnancy as some people urged them to follow the doctor’s advice. The baby was born almost a month early but save for a smaller than full-term birth weight, it was a healthy baby boy.

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