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December 14th, 2003  3rd Sunday in Advent Gaudete Sunday Lk 3 10/18
Catholic Homilies
December 14th, 2003

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3rd Sunday in Advent Gaudete Sunday Lk 3 10/18


  Today is called Gaudete Sunday because the word means rejoice as in the entrance antiphon “Rejoice, again I say to you rejoice!” The Prophet Zephanaih tells the people that the Lord with rejoice over them in gladness, and renew them in love. Paul writes to the Christians of Phillippi that the Lord is near and that his peace which surpasses all understanding will guard their minds and hearts. The Baptists harshness about fire is in marked contrast to the preliminaries, as it is also in contrast to the gentleness of Jesus when he begins to preach. The joy of the Church today is in the coming of Jesus – once and every day – to bring us peace and joy and gladness and love.

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  Once upon a time there was this grammar school class,  sixth grad I think because it is the kind of thing that is mostly likely to happen in sixth grade, that was in open revolt. They had a new teacher at the beginning of the year who was mean and nasty, though she was very young (maybe she was scared). Well, some of the goofy boys in class made her cry every day, not because they meant to drive her out but because it seemed like fun. Some of the boy-crazy girls did the same thing. So the young woman quit. The kids decided that driving out teachers was more fun than studying. There were five subsequent teachers, each one meaner than the previous one. As the third or maybe the fourth teacher said to them, you are a class with a discipline problem and I’m going to solve it by breaking you. Now even the nice boys and the good girls were in open revolt. They talked in class, cheated in tests, threw things at one another, ate garlic and onions to smell up the classroom, and did a homework strike. Finally, the pastor came to the room and asked what the problem was. All our teachers are mean, they said, so of course we have to be mean back. Of course said the pastor. Well, said the pastor, the next teacher is the least mean person I know. If she can’t straighten things out, I’m abolishing sixth grade. You wouldn’t dare! Make my day he said. WELL, the new teacher was very nice and very funny, funnier than the worst of the goffy boys and nicer than the nicest of the good girls. There’s nothing to revolt against, the kids said. Well, thank goodness it’s over. Now lets have a celebration. After school the teacher said. So they had the celebration after school. And they all lived happily ever after. Well, more or less.

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So they had the celebration after school. And they all lived happily ever after. Well, more or less

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