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August 29th, 2004 A.D. 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Catholic Homilies
August 29th, 2004 A.D.

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22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time


  Chapter 14 of Luke's gospel includes several stories and saying of Jesus centering on a meal. Luke alone uses a meal setting to recounts Jesus’ teaching on humility and the importance of concern for the less fortunate. In today's selection, Jesus notices the behavior of the Pharisees, who watched closely hoping to catch him off guard. Their attempts to be in the place of honor show their hypocrisy, offering Jesus an opportunity to critique the practice and praise the virtue of humility.   Luke also includes the story about who should be invited to a banquet as a further teaching on concern for the less well off—the poor, the blind and the lame as he chastises those who would keep the blind and the lame from the temple. This is another form of hypocrisy. God invites the poor to the divine banquet. So, too, those who care for them may hope to receive a similar invitation.

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  Mary Anne, a junior at the local high school was considered by all to be the most popular girl in her class. In addition to being very smart, she was the class rep to the student council, on the year book staff, co-chair for the junior prom, a great volley ball player, and very involved in social service activities. Because of all these activities, she was invited to almost every party given by members of her class and of the organizations to which she belonged.  Mary Anne's birthday was in mid-November and her mother wanted to have a birthday party for her. She asked Marry Anne to make a list of people she would like invited. Without much hesitation Mary Anne gave her mother the list of those she wanted to celebrate with her. She invited the people who never got invited to any of the “cool” parties along with some of the people she met working at the social service center. She never told the “cool” kids about the party but somehow word about the party got around.  Many of these folks were mad at her. She tired to explain that they all went to lots of parties and she just wanted to spread the spirit of celebration beyond their circle.  Some agreed with her. Others refused to associate with her for the rest of the year.

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Some agreed with her. Others refused to associate with her for the rest of the year

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