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  For our gentle readers who are interested in reading an entire series of Father Greeley's books; this small offering will help get you started. 

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Father Andrew Greeley's book series:

Blackie Ryan:

The Bishop in Andulusia (2008) 272 pp
The Bishop at the Lake (2007) 274 pp
The Bishop in the Old Neighborhood (2005) 304 pp.
The Bishop Goes to the University (2003) 256 pp.
The Bishop in the West Wing (2002) 288 pp.
The Bishop and The Beggar Girl of St. Germain (2001) 252 pp.
The Bishop and the Missing L Train (2000) 285 pp.
The Bishop and the Three Kings (1998) 298 pp.
The Bishop at Sea (1997) 287 pp.

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Happy Are the Oppressed (1996)
Happy Are Those Who Mourn (1995) 288 pp.
Happy Are the Poor in Spirit (1994) 295 pp.
Happy Are the Peace Makers (1993)
Happy Are the Merciful (1992)
Happy Are Those Who Thirst For Justice (1987) 304 pp.
Happy Are the Clean of Heart (1986) 268 pp.
Happy Are the Meek (1985)

Nuala Anne McGrail:

Irish Tweed (Feb 2009) 318 pp.
Irish Linen (2008) 310 pp.
Irish Tiger (2007-2008) 320 pp.
Irish Crystal (2006) 304 pp.
Irish Cream (2005) 320 pp.
Irish Stew (2002) 303 pp.
Irish Love (2001) 304 pp.
Irish Eyes (2000) 320 pp.
Irish Mist (1999) 384 pp.
Irish Whiskey (1998) 369 pp.
Irish Lace (1996) 343 pp.
Irish Gold (1994)


The Senator and the Priest (2006) 294 pp
Golden Years (2004) 304 pp.
Second Spring (2003) 352 pp.
September Song (2001) 318 pp.
Christmas Wedding (2000) 352 pp.
Younger Than Springtime (1999) 348 pp.
A Midwinter's Tale (1998) 437 pp.

Maggie Ward:

The Search for Maggie Ward (1991)
The Cardinal Virtues (1990)

Passover Trilogy:

Lord of the Dance (1984)
Ascent Into Hell (1983)
Thy Brother's Wife (1982)

Time Between the Stars:

Wages of Sin (1992)
St. Valentine's Night (1989) 435 pp.
Love Song (1989)
Rite of Spring (1987)
The Patience of a Saint (1987)
The Angels of September (1986)
Virgin and Martyr (1985)

Other Series and Miscellaneous:

Home for Christmas (2009)
* Murder Most
* Crime Through Time


* Murder Is My Business (1994)
* Crime Through Time III (2000)
* Murder Most Divine (2000)
* Emerald Magic (2004)

Bibliographical and Non-Fiction Books
by Andrew M. Greeley

Chicago Catholics and the Struggle with Their Church (2010)
A Stupid, Unjust, And Criminal War: Iraq 2001-2007  (2007)  240pp.
Jesus: A Meditation on His Stories and His Relationships with Women (2007)  176pp.
The Truth about Conservative Christians: What They Think and What They Believe (2006)
The Making of the Pope 2005 (2005)
The Catholic Imagination (2000) 215 pp.
A Book of Irish Blessings and Prayers (1991) 207 pp.
Common Ground 360 pp.
Confessions of a Parish Priest
Fateful Attraction
Furthermore! : Memories of a Parish Priest
God in Popular Culture
How to Save the Catholic Church
Religious Change in America
The Bible and US
The Catholic Myth
The Making of the Popes (1978)

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