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June 28th 2009 A.D.
13th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Mk 5- 21-43

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 Mark continues to pile up miracles. First the storm on the lake, now two cures. Are these “real” miracles? Did Jesus really reverse the forces of nature or did the woman’s confidence in Jesus cure her and was the little girl only in a deep sleep, a comma? Those are modern skeptical questions. Jesus worked signs and wonders, generally not spectacular ones, to show that God was present among his people. The little girl would die eventually anyway, the woman’s flow of blood with end eventually. The storm may have ended as quickly as it started. Did not Jesus only postpone dead for all those involved in these signs? The point in the stories is that everyone had great faith in Jesus’s power and love.

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 Once upon a time a little girl, very little in this case, was hit by a car backing out of her family’s garage. She had been playing where she had been told repeatedly not to play. She lay on the ground like a lifeless doll. They picked her up and rushed her to the emergency room at the hospital. A young intern looked at the child, frowned, and said, “how did this happen?” We want to see a real doctor? Her parents said. I am a real doctor. What’s her name? Elizabeth. The doctor touched her cheek and said, “Elizabeth, wake up!” Nothing happened. Her big brother said we call her Lizzie. “Lizzie, dear, wake up now.” Lizzie opened her eyes, frowned and closed them again, “Come on Lizzie, wake up.” She did and smiled at her mommy, “I fall down!” She had a concussion the doctor said. We just woke her up. We’ll keep her here till we do some tests and then we’ll send her home. It’s a miracle, the mommy said. In a way it is, the young doctor said. If she’d been a bit closer to the car, she would have been killed. Miracles like this happen all the time.”

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June Homilies: 7th  |  14th  |  21st  |  28th

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