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Catholic Homilies
 June 21st 2009 A.D.
12th Sunday in Ordinary Time 4/35-41

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 The Lake of Genesareth (also called the Sea of Galilee) is a relatively small body of water, 14 miles long and three to seven miles wide. not a lake like on of America’s Great Lakes. It was hardly a small ocean. But storms could up suddenly as the winds swept down from the mountains of Lebanon, more over the boats used by the fishermen on the lake were sturdy enough but not built to resist more than the normal waves on a not very big lake. The fishermen did not take unnecessary chances. They were quite skillful in reading the weather signs and were never very far from one shore or another. This particular storm must have been especially strong and to have given no advance warning. Obviously it is a story told for a troubled Church – which of course has always been troubled.

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 Once upon a time two kids, a boy eight and a girl ten, went out on the tiny lake where their family had a small summer home, for a boat ride with their dad. There’s supposed to be a storm, their mother said, be careful. But moms always worry and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. No one put on life jackets because it was not a dangerous lake. Right? Well, they had a nice ride from one end to the other while their dad told them about some of the silly things he had done when he was a kid and then when he was an officer in the Navy flying off an aircraft carrier. They hardly noticed that the sky was filling up with clouds and the wind was picking up. Put on your life jackets, said the daddy. DadDY! said the kids! That’s an order he said. He never talked that way so they put on their life jackets. They rowed across the lake towards their cottage, but it started to rain, and they couldn’t see the shore. Next a big storm him them and the waves banged against the boat. The kids were scared, the little girl began to cry. Don’t worry, said the daddy. Then a great big wave rolled the boat over. Hang on to the sides were the last words they heard their daddy say. The kids sunk deep into the lake and sucked in a lot of water before they bounded to the surface. They both screamed for their daddy(well, would you?) and hung on to the boat for dear life. Then they cried a lot. They were in the water for a long time. Then suddenly the stormed stopped and the sun came out. They saw their daddy at the stern of the boat, pushing it. Put your feet down, he shouted. They did and you know what? They touched bottom. They looked around and saw they were right in front of their cottage. We were never afraid, they told their mommy, because we knew daddy was with us all the time. Mommy seemed skeptical, but that’s the way mommies are.

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June Homilies: 7th  |  14th  |  21st  |  28th

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