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October 22nd 2006 A.D. - 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Catholic Homilies
October 22nd, 2006 A.D.

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Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time Mk 10/35-45
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The apostles simply didn't get. No matter how many times Jesus told them that the kingdom he was restoring was not the old military and nationalist kingdom that the people wanted, but a kingdom in which humans reflected God's forgiving love, they never got the point. What other kind of kingdom was there besides one like David and Solomon ran? OK, Jesus was David or Solomon or maybe even someone better. What kind of jobs would they have in the new nobility of this new kingdom? They had made a lot of sacrifices for Jesus, what were they going to have in return. In the immortal words of city politics, they asked, "Where's ours?" Jesus told them what it would be, but they still didn't understand.

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Once upon a time, a widow in her early 70s began thinking about moving from the big family home to a smaller, more manageable residence. One day when youngest daughter was visiting and began playing the piano, the mom told her that when she did move, this daughter could have the piano. Now when the other children heard this, they began to worry among themselves about how their mother would split up the family treasures. Several of them thought they should have been consulted about the piano. After all, they had children who would like to have a piano. Eventually, the widow got wind of her children’s concerns and decided to f ace the issue head on. She called them together and told them, in a gentle way, that her things were hers to decide how she wanted them distributed. What she did with these things had nothing to do with her love for each of them and she was disappointed that they felt that was the case. She had promised the piano to their youngest sister because she was the one who had been most dedicated to practice and seemed to love music. She hoped they knew that she loved each of them and that they would not consider who got what of her things as the sing of her love. After they left, the widow sadly wondered what more she had to do to help her children know of her love for them.

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October Homilies:  1st | 8th | 15th | 22nd | 29th
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After they left, the widow sadly wondered what more she had to do to help her children know of her love for them.

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