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October  31st, 2004 AD - LK 19: 1-10
Catholic Homilies
October 31st, 2004 A.D.

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LK 19: 1-10

* by Dr. Mary Durkin
Background: *

  In many of the Gospel stories, Jesus seemed to be hanging out with people considered unacceptable by the rest of the community, especially by the religious leaders who tended to cater to the more “acceptable” members – those who were elite and/or powerful. Zacchaeus did not fit that image. The tax collector's occupation carried a negative image, many of them were felt to be dishonest in the way they went about their work.  . Though a tax collector, Zacchaeus was so eager to see Jesus that he disregarded the scorn of the crowd. His eagerness was rewarded in a way he might never have anticipated. Jesus saw him and invited him to dine with him, a sure sign that Zaccheaus was in for much more than he had anticipated. A look and an invitation from Jesus changed this man from the sinner the community thought him to be into a man upon whose house Jesus brought salvation.

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  Once upon a time, not so very long ago, the members of a certain parish were delighted to hear that the new archbishop of their archdiocese would be confirming the members of the confirmation class. The new pastor set up a committee to make all the arrangements – pre ceremony, after ceremony and anything else they considered important. The committee members debated many items (as committee members are wont to do). Finally, they reported their suggestions to the pastor.  A select group of high donors would be invited to a dinner preceding the ceremony. Other consistent donors would be invited to the reception following the event. The pastor was not pleased with their suggestions. He called them together and thanked them for their input but said he thought gatherings before and after the confirmation should honor members of the community that were visible signs of the presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives.  Though he did not rule out donors, he suggested that there were many individual in the community, though unable to make big contributions, were wonderful examples of the work of the Holy Spirit in the community. He wanted the new confirmandees to know that everyone, no matter what his or her status, is called to partake of the banquet and go forth and do good.

* by Dr. Mary Durkin

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He wanted the new confirmandees to know that everyone, no matter what his or her status, is called to partake of the banquet and go forth and do good

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