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The Sisters of Molokai's Leper Colony tribute
Catholic Homilies
November 23rd, 2003

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Feast of Christ The King Gospel John 18:33b-37

Scriptural and Liturgical Reflection

  It is fascinating to compare the vision of Daniel with the image of Jesus before Pilate. In both, the Lord of Creation is depicted in a moment of triumph. Daniel has no sense of the paradox of that Lord being treated like a common criminal. There was of course no reason why he should, though the author of the section of Isaiah dimly saw that reality. At the heart of the paradox, however, is the insight that Jesus is the Lord of Creation, the king who triumphs, the leader whom we follow precisely because he suffers with and for us and goes down with us into the valley of death. That's why he is not only the Lord of creation but Our Lord too.

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  Once upon a time, not so very long ago, a woman ran for the office of representative to her town council. She was the first woman from their town to run for the office. Many people from her district were surprised by this and spoke out against her. They claimed she lacked the proper credentials; though they couldn’t define what they meant by “proper” credentials. During her campaign, she pledged to rid the town council of corruption, to improve the streets and sanitation department and to meet with anyone who had ideas on how to improve services in the town or who had complaints about problems in their area. Her opponent, a long time member of the council, mocked her whenever he spoke, saying she lacked experience and would just be an obstacle to projects the council wanted to put in place. However, her campaign pledges spoke to enough people from her area and she became the first woman on the council. Needless to say many of the council members were not pleased and they tried to block any proposal she presented, even if it was the benefit of the community. In spite of the harassment to which she was subjected, she worked at presenting proposals that would improve the quality of life in the town.  As she drew attention the problems, even people outside her district became more aware of the inefficiency of the town council. When the next election came around, people in other areas came forth to challenge the “old timers.” Eventually the town council became more representative of the community and the woman who started it all became the mayor.

* by Dr. Mary Durkin

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Eventually the town council became more representative of the community and the woman who started it all became the mayor
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