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Father Damien who gave his life for the Lepers of Molokai - Nov 16th, 2003 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Catholic Homilies

Nov 16th, 2003 A.D.

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33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Scriptural and Liturgical Reflection

Today we begin our annual tour through apocalyptic literature. Both Daniel and Mark describe the end times, the final reckoning time when the Lord God and His Son Jesus will triumph over sin and death. The apocalyptic writings are charged with poetry, metaphor, fantasy. We must not make the mistake some of the fundamentalists do and interpret these passages literally. However, we must not make the opposite mistake of dismissing them as "nothing but" poetry. Metaphor tells us truth more fully and more adequately than does plain prose. The truth is Heaven and Earth may indeed pass away, but not before the Final Resolution in which good triumphs over evil and life over death. We don't know when or how that will happen. Those issues really don't matter. What does matter is that Jesus and his true followers will finally win.

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Once upon a time years ago a teacher had a very difficult time controlling her class. The students were bight, and for the most part, not trouble makers. They had behaved well for their previous teacher and were prepared to do the same for this one.  This teacher was Ill equipped to deal with the challenge they presented and spent most of her time yelling at them for every little infraction and periodically telling them they had to write the entire Constitution as punishment for their behavior. She also assured them they would never amount to anything in their adult life. Eventually, the students ignored her rantings, did their work, graduated with honors and went on to the best high schools and colleges. Though her predictions did not come true, perhaps she did move the students to prove how well they could do.

* by Dr. Mary Durkin

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Though her predictions did not come true, perhaps she did move the students to prove how well they could do
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