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May 4th, 2003 - 3d Sunday in Easter  Lk 24/35-48
Catholic Homilies
May 4th 2003 A.D.

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3d Sunday in Easter Lk 24/35-48


There is a link in the story between Jesus bringing peace to his apostles (which sounds something like the Thomas story told in another variant of the tradition) and the power to forgive sins. Precisely because Jesus represents God's forgiving love which he passes on to the Church there should be peace among us. God is, as St. Therese said, nothing but mercy and love. The resurrection of Jesus and the implicit promise of the resurrection to us guarantees and validates that mercy and love. Easter therefore is a time above all others that we should feel at peace because we are loved. Like all the other Easter stories this tale has thick theological and spiritual overlays.

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Once upon a time the girls softball team of Mother Mary High School traveled across town to play the girls from St. Nicholas High School. Molly Whuppy, of course, was Captain of the team and starting pitcher. Her record for three seasons was 105 and 2 and the two times she lost were when she was a freshman. Well, her mom and dad went to all the games and this time Molly permitted them to drive her to the game instead of going on the bus. YOU KNOW what happened. Her Dad's Mercedes had a flat tire and it took FOREVER to replace. Meanwhile at St. Nicholas, the team fell apart. The home team was not very good but since Mother Party went into TOTAL panic and dropped popups and threw easy grounders ten feet over the first baseman. Without Molly, they wailed, we'll lose. At the last of the fourth inning they were losing 8 to 0 and girls softball games go only seven innings. St. Nick's had the bases loaded and no outs. FINALLY, the Whoppy car appeared and Molly sauntered out, figuring that the coach and the kids would be furious at her. Flat tire, she tried to explain. Then she realized that they were like totally panicked.  Cool it guys, she ordered. We're not going to lose to these geeks. So she struck out three batters in a row. No runs, no hits, no one left on base. Mother Mary got three runs back in the fifth, three in the sixth and three in the seventh. They cooled out and played like champs. Molly? WELL, she struck out the side in next three innings. Geeks, she said to her parents on the way home. They could have won without me.

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They could have won without me
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