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March 30, 2003 Fourth Sunday Of Lent  John: 3 14-21
Catholic Homilies
March 30, 2003

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Fourth Sunday Of Lent John: 3 14-21


The Gospel is taken from Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus which, in fact, is a theological and mystical reflection on Jesus’ life instead of a video replay of an actual conversation (though it does not follow that the words of Jesus do not reflect the kind of things he said during his public life). Jesus, as John said at the beginning of the Gospel, is the light of the world who reveals God’s love lurking everywhere in all the events of our daily life and in all the people we encounter, especially those who are nearest to us. God not only knows everything, but he understands a lot better than we give him credit for.

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Once upon a time, the two eighth grade classrooms at a certain school were busy working on their respective "major class project." A computer geek in one room came across a project described on the internet that would save the students lots of time. All the students would be required to do was substitute a few examples from their experiences for the ones reported on the net. The research was already done for them. These students were sure they had a "sure thing" and gloried in watching the students in the other room spending hours on research and discussion and design. The first class won the prize for the best project. Now the kids in the other room knew that their opponents had used someone else’s research. They were angry and some of them suggested they go to the principal with this information. However, as they discussed it more thoroughly, they all finally agreed with the opinion of their resident "nerd." He pointed out that they had gained many insights into their topic. Also they had worked together as a team which gave them the added bonus of becoming friends with and understanding each other in ways they hadn’t done prior to working on their project. With a wisdom somewhat beyond what one would expect from an eight grader, he suggested that they, not their opponents, had won a worthwhile prize.

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With a wisdom somewhat beyond what one would expect from an eight grader, he suggested that they, not their opponents, had won a worthwhile prize
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