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January 12 Baptism of Jesus Lk 3/13-17
Catholic Homilies
January 12th, 2003

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Baptism of Jesus Lk 3/13-17


We have hear about John the Baptist three times in the last month and will hear about him again next Sunday. There is just so much one can say about the conflict between the followers of Jesus in the years immediately after his return to the Father and the followers of John the Baptist. Perhaps the wise liturgists might revise the readings so that we didn't have to face the Baptist, great man that he admittedly was, quite so often. But liturgists never worry about such things. For us this Sunday, it is probably best to emphasize against the Monophysites among us the humanity of Jesus and the fact that he came only gradually to understand his religious mission, through study and work and following earlier leaders like the Baptist. Given the temper of the times, however, you might be delated to Rome for insisting that Jesus was truly human and grew in wisdom age and grace.

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Once upon a time, Molly Whuppi and the girl's basketball team at Mother Mary High School had a home game against Christ the King High School. CK was always a push over for MM because their players were not very good, didn't have good coaches, and didn't take the game seriously. They were in short dweebs. So Molly and her team thought they'd breeze through the game and win by twenty five points, they didn't practice much and they were busy celebrating Christmas. At least. Alas for them, they started slowly and MM played better than they had ever played before. Ever. Finally in the fourth quarter MM made its move, though they were down twenty points. They narrowed the gap to five points, but in the last two minutes of the game, they were just too tired. Their legs ached like they had become jelly and they could hardly raise their arms to shoot. CK won by two points, after Molly herself and missed two free throws, which she had not done all season. The boys in the school all laughed at them. "Well," said Molly, "all right we were guilty of presumption. We're only human. Some days even Michael Jordan gets tired."

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all right we were guilty of presumption. We're only human. Some days even Michael Jordan gets tired
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