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October 27th, 2002
Catholic Homilies
October 27th, 2002

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30th Sunday in Ordinary Time Mt 22/ 34-40


This question was a favorite conundrum in rabbinic arguments (which were often intellectual games) Of the hundreds of laws in the torah which was the most important. Jesus dismisses this controversy and says there is only one law - that of love, the love of God and neighbor coming to the same thing. You can't have one without the other.

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Once upon a time a mother became greatly concerned about the unruly and disrespectful children she saw (or thought she saw) all around her. Parents no longer taught their children to be obedient. She resolved that this wouldn't happen in her family. So she insisted on absolute obedience from her children. Either they did what she told them to do exactly when she told them to do or they were punished. She didn't hurt them but ruled that they couldn't go out to play, couldn't go to their friends home, couldn't get or give Christmas presents, couldn't have birthday parties, couldn't get driver's licenses, couldn't go to proms, couldn't go to the colleges they wanted to. Her campaign was successful. They were very obedient and respectful. Finally, when they were older they all moved away as far as they could go and were very successful in their careers. She complained to the youngest, her favorite, once, Why don't you love me? Didn't I teach you the habits that were necessary for your success. Yeah said the young woman, but you never loved us.

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Yeah said the young woman, but you never loved us

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