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October 13th, 2002
Catholic Homilies
October 13th, 2002

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28th Sunday in Ordinary Time Matt 22:1-14


The theme of today's Gospel is much like that of last week. We hear another parable of urgency, another tale of monumental stupidity, another narrative about stupid, ungrateful, self-destructive human beings. The idiocy of the characters in this story, like those in last week's, boggles the mind. How can anyone be that stupid! How can people refuse an invitation to what will be a grand party!

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Once upon a time, not so very long ago, well really ten years ago, a group of women planned the 50th reunion of their high school graduation class. There were 110 in their class. About 90 people showed up for their 40th reunion, planned by the same women. For about 9 months prior to the 50th reunion, when ever one of the original planners met an old classmate, she was asked, "What are you folks doing about a reunion?" Given that planning reunions requires an enormous amount of work, the original planners kept resisting, hoping that someone would take on the onerous task. Finally, the three, realizing no one else was going to offer, decided to assume the task. Of course, many of the alums called to complain about the choice of date, about the planners’ inability to locate some of their classmates (many of whom had moved in the ten years since the last reunion and had not bothered to follow the request that they let their new address be known), the cost of the luncheon, etc., etc. In the end, 40 members of the class attended; another 20 or so had legitimate reasons for their absences, 16 had died, and the rest never responded. Much to the surprise, and delight, of the planners the afternoon was a huge success. Of course, though to be honest they were not surprised, when near the end of the afternoon many of their classmates approached them with suggestions as to what this planner should do next time to perhaps improve greater participation. However, no one offered to help in the planning.

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However, no one offered to help in the planning

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