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November 17, 33d Sunday in Ordinary tme Mt 25/14-15, 19-21
Catholic Homilies
November 17th, 2002

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33d Sunday in Ordinary time Mt 25/14-15, 19-21


The story of the talents is powerful spiritual food for the end of the year. It challenges us to ask the question of whether we are doing less than we could with the one life that God has given us because we pretend that we are worthless. (I am not very bright, and not all that well educated, and not very witty and, people don't find me attractive. So I sit back quietly and passively and hope that no one notices me. I am incapable of doing anything important or worthwhile).

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Once upon a time there were two teenagers who were the ninth and tenth person on Mollie Whopi's basketball team. They are on the team because Mollie had asked them, but they were content to be bench warmers. In fact, they loved to sit on the bench and make fun of those who were playing. They didn't practice very hard because they knew they'd get into the game only at the last minute when the game was already won or lost. Since it was Mollie's team they almost always won. Well, one day three of the regular players were out sick and two more fouled out, one of whom was Mollie herself. (The refs were simply not fair). So Mollie had to send in these two kids at the end of the bench. They didn't try very hard. Of course the team lost. So they're like well, "it's not our fault because we're not very good". And Mollie says, "if you'd played up to your real ability we would have won".

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And Molie goes if you'd played up to your real ability we would have won
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