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October 28th, 2001 A.D.
Catholic Homilies
October 28th, 2001 A.D.

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30th Sunday of the year


Biblical reflection
One explanation of this wonderful story emphasizes the virtue of the Samaritan but the surprise of the injured man. In the kingdom of God's wonder there is always room for surprise. Jesus is less interested in our imitating the Samaritan then in showing us that the Samaritan is God for the injured man. When we imitating the Samaritan we are imitating God.

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Once a parish had a new pastor. He was a very hard working, zealous man. He went to all the wakes, visited all the hospitals, appeared at every wedding reception, consoled all the mourners, preached a wonderful sermon, was pleasant to all the children, even enjoy TEENAGERS!   One day some people came to him and said we need more classrooms in our school. They cost a lot of money, the pastor said. We'll raise the money they replied. All we want from the parish is your moral support. Grand said the pastor. The lay people worked hard and raised tons of money, enough so that the school would be paid for the day it was dedicated. But then as construction started, some of the people in the parish became bitterly opposed to the school extension. It cost too much, new rooms weren't really needed, the money should be given to poor parishes, half the money should be spent on religious education, they hadn't been consulted. The parish split wide open on the issue. Arguments raged after Mass every Sunday. The pastor tried to keep both sides happy (which is what pastors are for), but the pro-school people said that he was not supporting them strongly enough and the anti-school people said that he had sold out to the pro-school people. Finally the poor man collapsed physically because of the strain of the conflict. While in the hospital he resigned as pastor. Everyone was happy to see him go.

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Everyone was happy to see him go
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