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August 12th, 2001
Catholic Homilies
August 12th, 2001

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Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Lk 12/32-48


Today's Gospel continues the theme of last Sunday. We must always be ready, for death indeed but also for those times when Jesus comes to us in the form of one of the least of the brothers and sisters looking for help. We must be prepared to serve Jesus at table in whatever form he appears. If we are not, then Jesus might well ask what good are.

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Once upon a time a family was driving home from their summer vacation. It had been a good vacation and everyone was happy about it, including the Daddy, who had a reputation of being something of an impatient man. However, the vacation was now over and it was time to get back to the real world. To this with the greatest amount of efficiency - the Daddy always prized efficiency - the family had to leave their vacation house at noon on Sunday to beat the late afternoon traffic. WELL, I hardly need tell you that, mommies and kids being what they are, they had not even begun to load the SUV at noon. Nor at 1:00. Nor even at 1:30. Finally, they hit the highway at 1:45, right on the cusp of Sunday traffic. With a little bit of luck, they would miss the worst of it, though there would be delays at the toll gates. They had driven about a half mile down the road when they saw one of those little cars that parents give their kids for graduation (an Izuzu Trooper actually) pulled over at the side of the road with a flat tire.  Melissa has a flat tire one of the kids shouted. Melissa was a teenager who had babysat for the family. We should stop and help her, the mommy said. Mommies are always saying things like that. We haven't got time, the Daddy said as he drove on. We have to beat the traffic. Someone else will stop to help her. The car was very silent the rest of the way home.

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The car was very silent the rest of the way home
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